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What Exactly is Motivational Speaking? Do I really need it?

Coaching Basics

James believe in breakthroughs.

While every youth, teacher and person has the ability to discover, learn and progress to the next level of mastery, fulfillment and performance.  James is here to make these breakthroughs happen with you and to you.

Do You Need Motivational  Coaching

Have you grown tired of our youth not meeting their destiny?

Has your current organization hit rock bottom with regards to our youth?

Do you want to pivot your organization and become more success than ever?


What James Can Help You With


Peak Performance

Motivational Speaking

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James Approach to Mentoring

James helps our youths discover and operate from a foundation of purpose, values and operating principals.

James will help them integrate all aspects of their lives so they can lead with the best version of themselves.   By supporting them as they inhabit and unleash their newly discovered authentic leadership.

Like leaders, James will help them unite around shared purpose, values, principles for operating and strategy so they can achieve breakthroughs.

Expand Your Youth Organization & Networking Reach

The here and now is powerful.   Most youth and youth organization direct their energy and resources to the larger, high-priority segments of the society, leaving strategic youth platforms without the needed energy and investment to gain significant traction.

Whether its mining insight to discover new strategic development opportunities, driving growth, or launching a new platform from the ground up, James bring the strategic and experience to gain traction and accelerate  growth.

Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

James will help you articulate your priorities so that you can focus and unleash your organizations goals. 

Leading youths and organizations to  have clarity of purpose, make choices about where to focus time and resources, engage the broader organization, and nurture a culture that is connected, creative and agile.    

Scale & Maintain Healthy Operations & Culture

James work is diverse. Whether its leading the launch, developing a pipeline, or helping you build your organization,  James will help you.

More than help, James will assist you in building a system to rapidly cultivate insight, develop and test, adapt and scale.

You are left with winning organization and a culture of innovators and thinkers.

I Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Please check my schedule as dates fill up very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is motivational speaker?
James is an innovators.  James is an strategists.  James is a  leaders, military veteran and former athlete that constantly seek the next level of performance for all youth.   James  believe in breakthroughs and that every person has the ability to discover, learn and progress to the next level of mastery, fulfillment and performance.  James is here to make these breakthroughs happen with you and your organization.
How Do I Know if Motivational speaker Is Right for Me?
James creating value is the driving factor behind everything that he does. Choosing to work with youth, companies and organizations, who are driven to make a difference in our youth. James will meet with you and your team, and dive deep on your goals and target market to identify areas of opportunity for you to deliver unmatched value to our youth and future.
Do You Only Work With Established Organizations?
While James will work with most establish and new organization.  As a principle, James doesn’t work with everyone who approaches us without the same motivations (our youth), but when James does work with you or your organization, James will be all-in.
Do You Offer Ongoing Motivational Services?
The short answer is “yes”. But the more important answer is  James works hard to sustained performance breakthroughs which come when our youth shared purpose, a clear perspective of themselves, and a robust articulation of priorities.






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